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Introduction to Spader Flat Rate Times

Spader Flat Rates are designed to be a guideline for establishing a true cost and measurement for productivity in the service department.

About Spader Flat Rates

Spader Flat Rates File Layout

Spader Flat Rates export to a fixed length text file that can be used in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs; this data is also compatible with some DMS systems.

File Layout

Annual Flat Rate Update

Submit your flat rate times by December 15 each year to qualify for a discounted (or free!) subscription the next year.

Premium: New jobs or times you add to your system are automatically included in each year’s update – just use the system and you’ll qualify!
Express: Use the Flat Rate Updates spreadsheet to submit your updates to Spader by December 15 to qualify for a discounted subscription next year.

Flat Rate Updates